Calendar is currently broken.

The calendar is broken and I can’t leave an LOA.
Go to the calendar and it says sign in.
Click Sign In, which brings you to battalion ops.
Use the pull-down to go to the calendar.
It still says sign in.
Click on one of the 2ndBn drill links.
Nothing happens (the URL changes to an event number, but no page changes).
Reload the page and it comes up blank inside the standard frame.
Go back to the calendar, sign in, click on any scheduled event.
Same behavior for those I have tried (2nd BN, FP2S1, FP2, FP2S2, FP2S3)

Signing out of both forums (Sign out on the old forum and shift-Z shift Z on the new forum) and then signing in on the new forum is a work-around for this problem.

This happened to me too (unfortunately it cost me an AWOL :sob:). I solved it by cleaning all cookies. Cookies in Chrome is a double edged sword. Use Microsoft Edge since it has a single edge (terrible joke)

This happened to me couple weeks back.
Usually I resolved it simply by signing out from the forums and resigning in.

But to me, the problem did not end there. I use the Google authenticator for my forum sign in security and that week my phone has been broken for probably a week and there is no alternative on how to login in case we lose access to the authenticator.

Fortunately before I could miss any drills, my phone is fixed after I went on a 1,5 hour boat ride to the nearest city with a service center.