Congratulations T/5 Cowles - New Top Recruiter

Ever since I left the 29th back in 2017 for the final time, I wanted to be the first one to congratulate to whoever claimed the top spot as a recruiter. The spot that I have had for two decades almost :smiley: After all this time I’ve lurked time to time these forums following the development of the recruitment stats.

Couple years ago I thought T/5 Enser would beat me to it but no - he quit about 50 recruits short. Now I hadn’t visited these forums for a long time and at what a time I arrived. I can finally rest in peace. I used to joke back in the day when I was still active retired member, that whenever anyone comes even close to my record, I’ll re-enlist and keep fighting for my the #1 spot. But don’t worry @Cowles , you’ll keep your record. Most likely for another decade or two.

So congratulations good sir and don’t you dare to do the mistake that many does after achieving or gaining something from recruiting: don’t quit doing it. Keep recruiting and keep making the records even more unreachable what it used to be.

Current record stands today:

But raise your hand if you have recruited two majors and one captain :wink:

29th Ever Forward *Salute*

Hell yeah Cowles!

Congrats T/5!

Congratulations and well done T/5 Cowles!

Absolutely ridiculous numbers. Well done T/5 Cowles!

Paid actors, smh.

On a serious note, you guys are doing a lot for the unit, thank you and congrats! Salute :slight_smile:

I pay them with the promise of a good time!

Well at last. Congrats T/5 Cowels.
Note: Typo intentional. Let’s see if you remember why :wink:

Congrats brother!

Absolutely incredible. Congrats T/5 Cowles!!

This T/5 honestly is our top fresh meat supplier.
Congrats T/5 Cowles!

Outstanding work.

Woah Congrats T/5 Cowles. As a survivor of your recruiting methods, thanks for leaving me corporeally intact.

Excellent work, T/5 Cowles. This is the most important stat/record in the 29th in my mind!

Who knew there would be a day some one best out PFC Tuo! Congrats T5 Cowles!!