Eight Years and Six Months of Service (Dainius Valiūnas)

Cpl. Fossi said:

T/5 Valiūnas is the kind of guy to attend every mandatory drill for almost two years straight and then miss out on one drill because he accidentally booked a flight on his squad drill. But T/5 Valiūnas is also the kind of guy to do everything he is asked for and even more. If you need some help you can always ask him and he is happy to help, he always does his work as platoon clerk in time and without mistakes, but we are here for his time of service. Eight years and six months of service throughout three companies and games, therefore I’d like to congratulate T/5 Valiūnas for his 17th AoCC, congrats and I hope I can write many more of these!


Cant believe he missed a squad drill, streak ruined :frowning:

Congratulations T/5 Valiūnas!