Eight Years and Six Months of Service (Linus R. Bagge)

2Lt. Runing said:

Most people in Easy have heard the sweet and kind voice. What I was saying was true it would
snow in hell all year around. SSgt Bagge is a truly a dedicated man with a lot of passion and love for the 29th. It can be seen by his attendance and also how long he been been in unit and how he runs things. For those who wonder how long he have been in the unit. He has been here for what seems to be forever for some, Its 8.5 years, a soon to be 29th boomer. To round things off, congratulations SSgt with your 17 AOCC.

Congratulations and thank you Ssgt. on a mighty impressive contribution to the unit.

A fine vintage!

Congratulations Staff Sergeant!
Thank you for your service

Congratulations on the milestone SSgt! Hope to see you for many more to come!

Congratz Staff Sergeant!

Congratulations Staff Sergeant Bagge!

Sweet & kind voice?

Huge congrats SSgt!

Congratulations SSgt.!

Don’t know him but seen his name pass multiple times in ts, congratulations!