Eight Years of Service (Clint P. Simpson)

Cpl. Jordan said:

Where can I begin? T/5 Simpson been in the 29th for a whopping 8 years at this point, this time amassing a whole 16 AOCCs and 4 WW1 Victory Medals. He has been here during Able and Dog, and has preceded most other members in the squad. An expert rifleman, Simpson is dependable and a core member of the squad, and when you need a long range target taken out by S3, he’s the one you should call. Since I joined, it’s been clear to me that all of my previous sentence is true, with him taking out various long range targets on Firebase Ripcord and being an influential role since that time. Anyhow, congratulations on a whole 8 years, T/5 Simpson, and here’s to many more in the 29th and S3.


Congrats Simspon, thats a super incredible achievement!

This guy. This ******* guy.

Wow, 8 years… Congratulations T/5 Simpson, that’s quite the achievement and I hope to see you here for the next Rainbow.

An excellent rifleman indeed, and very smart player! Congrats, T/5 Simpson! :smiley:

Nothing says commitment like 8 straight years for something. Congratulations T/5, and thank you for the ample experience that you have shared with us