Eight Years of Service (Matt J. Scholand)

Cpl. Pinto said:

PFC Scholand currently has a role that requires him to be stealthy for most of the time, sneaking around and reporting enemy movement. But even though the PFC has to remain silent, his presence and actions in the 29th speaks very loud. There is not a single person in Charlie that hasn’t heard his name, and don’t know what he is capable of. I’m very glad to have PFC Scholand by my side in S2, his skills and battlefield overview are 11 out of 10. PFC Scholand it is a pleasure to have you in the 29th for 8 years now! Congrats old man.


Well done PFC! I love fighting alongside you, against you when I have to, and generally any time. Glad you are with us!

Congratulations, Scholand!
Thank you for being with us!

Eight is great, congrats Sho!