Enlistment - Rec. Anderson

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Pending HQ Approval

is it going to get approved soon or?

Hello Pvt. Anderson,

As the 29th ID is still currently on vacation until 7th of January, please expect that this will take a bit longer.

I suggest you enable the email notifications for this thread to be notified about new messages and also to check your Steam profile for incoming friend requests from your future Enlistment Liason.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I will not be able to play any more cuz i have to go to my
school and i dont have my pc there

We understand your real-life commitments and it is excellent that you prioritize your school and other real-life commitments over a game.

On the other hand, the 29th Infantry Division is a gaming community where members must be present for drills at least 2 days per week (a drill lasts for 1 hour). We are aware that you cannot attend all the drills, but we require that a member has at least 75% attendance. That is at least 3 out of 4 weeks per month (with 2 mandatory drills per week).

If you think that you cannot meet this requirement, then it may be a better idea to apply later when you will have some more time at your disposal.

Let me know if you wish to proceed with your enlistment.

So you enlisted when you got home for break and then planned to leave us as soon as winter break was over?

Please do not bother to enlist in the future unless you can actually commit to staying in the unit more than a few weeks. I respect my training staff and squad leadership too much to have you waste their time in this manner.

Enjoy your Spring semester!

Withdrawn - Not available for drills.