Enlistment - Rec. Bautista

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Hey Recruit Bautista,

It’s great to see your interest in the 29th, and a pleasure that I can help you along the way. Just something to clarify on your enlistment and that is the issue of unprofessionalism on your steam profile. One or more of your pervious usernames could be considered offensive or unprofessional. For this reason we require you to clear the history of your previous names on Steam before moving forward. Please respond to this message after you have cleared your previous names off of your steam profile.

J. Sarsfield

Hello Sarsfield,

I apologize that you find my gaming, leisure steam profile offensive and unprofessional. I have fond memories associated with my juvenile and unsensitive nickname(s) I have previously used, so I will not bend my knee to these austere rules to join the 29th Infantry Division. I hope you guys enjoy murdering all sorts of pixels that usually involve an assortment of unsensitive profanity and subject materials.

With much appreciation,