Enlistment - Rec. Blackburn

Read the enlistment details at:


Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining the 29th.

I see you’ve listed previous membership in an Arma milsim group - could you please copy/paste and fill out the following table for me, so we have all the information we need? Thanks in advance! (You can copy/paste that line multiple times, if you’ve been in more than one)

`| Unit | Game | Name | Rank | Reason for leaving |`

Also, we have a currently serving member using the name “Blackburn” - but we’d be able to accept you under the same, as long as you don’t mind being identified as “L. Blackburn” for differentiation. You’re also welcome to choose a different name if you wish to not use a prefix, providing it follows our rules regarding realistic names. Please let us know which is preferable for you.

Rec. not interested any more, and blocked me on steam + discord