Enlistment - Rec. Bouwman

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Hello Recruit @unholyskrub ,

While we can assign you to our next EST BCT it does not run until May 12th through May 16th at 7PM EST.

Alternatively, there is an PST BCT which would run May 5th through May 9th at 9PM EST.

Please respond here with your preference so we can continue processing your enlistment.

how exactly does the training work?

Hello @unholyskrub
The BCT lasts for 5 days.
During the BCT you will learn about the basics about realism gaming, the 29th, and about a game that you have chosen.

You can find more information here

Hello Recruit @unholyskrub ,

We currently have someone in the unit with a similar sounding last name but theyhave agreed to let you use your last name.

However to distinguish you from them, you must use a prefix, this will mean that you will go by L. Bouwman.

If you accept then we will process you by this name but if you do not want to use a prefix then you can change your last name as long as it’s realistic and not taken.

Withdrawn - Inactivity.