Enlistment - Rec. Carducci

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Hello Recruit!
You have been previously enlisted in the 29th under the name Luca M. Lucas ,can you please explain why you’re choosing to enlist under a new name?’
Once we have this information we will be able to continue processing your enlistment.

It’s the same name I just put my real last name this time.

Pending HQ Approval.

Is there a reason why my enlistment Application is pending so long?

Higher HQ has many responsibilities, both in the 29th ID and in real life. While they try to review all enlistments in a timely manner, some times other obligations slow down the process. Please be patient while your enlistment is reviewed and keep an eye on this thread, it’s where you’ll be notified of next actions to be taken.

Cpl. Roland
Senior Enlistment Clerk