Enlistment - Rec. J. Powell

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Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining the 29th.

I must ask, it looks kind of odd having two enlistments ostensibly by the same person with different Steam accounts, playtime, email addresses and first names; but sharing the same “Realism Experience”, for the most part and coming from the same place.

(Enlistment - Rec. Powell IV vs. Enlistment - Rec. Powell).

Is there a reason for the dual applications with different profiles and different information? We don’t allow members to join or play with multiple accounts, so if you need us to drop one of these or if there is another explanation please reply and let us know. I’ll post this under both enlistments, so replying in either place is fine. Thanks!

Like I told PFC. Russell, we are IDENTICAL twins. Yes sir! We look, sound, and almost act alike. It has always been difficult because of work and military life. But we were in different platoons but it didn’t stop NCOs from asking “Hey private, does the other twin feel the other’s pain? Lets find out {evilsmile}”

SteamID fixed.

To differentiate you between your brother, we’ll be using your first and middle names as prefixes - you would be identified as J. Powell, while he would be identified as E. Powell (using your middle names). We could swap that around if you both would prefer. Please let us know if this is okay - I’ll be cross posting this, again, to your brothers enlistment as well.

Can’t you use his Suffix? IV he’s Joseph E Powll IV bc he’s the fourth

Sorry for the delay. (Ida messed things up where I live… :sweat_smile:)

Unfortunately we don’t use Suffixes for identification outside of our full personnel files - I’d have XIV somewhere in my name if we did! We do allow one (or both) of you to choose a different name entirely following our regulations on realistic names, if you’d prefer - members aren’t required to use their real names at all if they do not wish to.

Let us know!

You’re good I understand. But I do have some questions.

Do we have to do two different enlistment forms for regular Arma 3 and The Vietnam Arma?

Also, how long does the enlistment process take?

Once accepted, you’ll have four days of BCT - Sunday through Thursday - on the closest BCT class to your selected timezone. After passing this course, you’ll be assigned to squad that focus’ on the game you enlisted for.

We do not allow dual/competing enlistments in our Arma 3 and RS:2 companies - this isn’t an issue unless you want to focus on one of those games specifically, as most drills (even cross company) allow for guesting open to the entirety of the 29th.

Do you and your twin wish to remain enlisted for Squad? We can change this to Arma or RS:2 if you’d prefer; otherwise your process is almost complete so please just let us know this one last thing.

We’ll stick to squad.

I love both games you know, I love the fog of war you feel me.




Thank you for enlisting with the 29th Infantry Division. Your application has been accepted and the next step in becoming a member is to complete Basic Combat Training.

Your Basic Combat Training (BCT) Schedule:


29th Infantry Division [BCT Server] (




Sunday, September 19th, to Thursday, September 23rd, each night at 7pm EST

While we understand if you have to miss a training session, your attendance is a significant factor in graduating BCT.

Your Enlistment Liaison will invite you to the Steam Group of the TP to receive reminders before your training starts.

Before you do anything, read the Recruit Handbook to learn what you will need to know to pass BCT. It also contains the basic 29th rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and a guide on how to set your in-game name properly.

You may change your in-game name to Pvt. J. Powell [29th 1601]

Please note the following rules:

  1. As a recruit, you will train with the Rifleman Class only.

You are to use the Rifleman Class only on our servers, at all times.

After you pass BCT you will have the opportunity to train with other weapons.

  1. Salute officers and warrant officers when they enter/leave our server.

*Salute* ranks WO1-5, 2Lt, 1Lt, Cpt, Maj, Lt. Col. - See the Recruit Handbook for info on how to bind a key to salute.

  1. Read our Wiki Page on TeamSpeak Professionalism to see what kind of behavior we are expecting from you during your stay on our TS server.

  2. By enlisting with us you accept our Exclusivity Policy that states you will not participate in any other groups that play the following games: Arma 3/Arma 2/Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm/Rising Storm 2: Vietnam/Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour/Day of Defeat/Day of Defeat: Source/Squad.

  3. Reply to this enlistment thread stating simply ‘Checking In’.

This will let us know you are aware of your schedule so that we can put you on the training roster.

Enlistment Liaisons

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following members, as they are here for you:

Eastern Standard Time Contacts

T/5 Bukey: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

T/5 Lance: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Cpl. Moran: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC R. Rodger: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Pacific Standard Time Contacts

Cpl. Guyette: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Cpl. Argerham: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Cpl. Officer: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Greenwich Mean Time Contacts

Cpl. Jonker: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Aboalfa:Steam Profile| Send a Private Message

Medical Technicians

Please contact one of these technicians if you have any game troubles ASAP when your Enlistment Liaison is unavailable.

2ndLt. Furie: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

T/5 Taylor: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Please keep active on our server and forums, and good luck in basic.

James P Sarsfield

Checking In

Im coming have to reset WifI