Enlistment - Rec. Johnson

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Two things:

Can you please explain in what game and how you received your VAC ban?

We currently have someone in the unit with your last name but they have agreed to let you use the same last name. However to distinguish you from them, you must use a prefix, this will mean that you will go by J. Johnson . If you accept then we will process you by this name but if you do not want to use a prefix then you can change your last name as long as it’s realistic and not taken.

I got a VAC ban in csgo and I’m ok with that name

Before your enlistment can be processed further @gandalf, we do need a reason for the VAC ban in CS:GO. In addition, please remove any inappropriate material on your Steam profile.

i was hacking

Understood. Please review your Steam profile description and remove any inappropriate content.

Withdrawn - Inactive.