Enlistment - Rec. Kowalski [Previously: Peltonen, Sake]

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Hello @CrispyDairy,

Can you please elaborate on your VAC ban. In other words, can you explain how and what game you got the ban in?

Thank you.

Of course, I’ve always loved to play FPS games but always hated CSGO, the movement and gun mechanics in just weren’t for me. My friends got me to play it though. After playing for an hour or so I was already tired of it, so I just thought that I’d see what would happend if I got a free crappy cheat client. That way my friends could also stop asking me to play it lol. I’ve never hacked in a game before or after that, and never will. I was so blatant with it in cs too, but because I wasn’t performing well so I wouldn’t actually ruin other peoples games, I guess I didn’t get flagged that quickly.

I hope I managed to elaborate this enough, I just simply didn’t like playing CS.

Also while making the application, I didn’t realise that you call people by their last name, so I’ll gladly change to something a bit more easily pronounceable :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to change your last name to something more pronounceable, please type what you’d like it to be.

I was thinking Sake, like the japanese rice wine.

Upon your request, your last name will be updated from Peltonen to Sake.

Thank you for the elaboration on your VAC ban. Your enlistment will be pending HQ approval.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you please choose another name, one that isn’t based on an alcoholic drink.

Thank you.

Of course, has L.Kowalski been taken? Can’t find the member list to check myself.

Your enlistment will be updated to Viljami L. Kowalski, although your enlistment will still be awaiting HQ approval.

Approved for BCT. @Hudson @lungu29th





Thank you for enlisting with the 29th Infantry Division. Your application has been accepted and the next step in becoming a member is to complete Basic Combat Training.

Your Basic Combat Training (BCT) Schedule:

Sunday, June 20 through Thursday, June 24, Each night at 2pm Eastern Standard Time
29th Infantry Division Platoon Server (

While we understand if you have to miss a training session, your attendance is a significant factor in graduating BCT.

Your Enlistment Liaison will invite you to the Steam Group of the TP to receive reminders before your training starts.

Before you do anything, read the Recruit Handbook to learn what you will need to know to pass BCT. It also contains the basic 29th rules, Frequently Asked Questions and a guide on how to set your in-game name properly.

You may change your in-game name to Pvt. Kowalski [29th 1553]

Please note the following rules:

  1. As a recruit, you will train with the Rifleman Class only.

    You are to use the Rifleman Class only on our servers, at all time.
    After you pass BCT you will have the opportunity to train with other weapons

  2. Salute officers and warrant officers when they enter/leave our server.

    *Salute* ranks WO1-5, 2Lt, 1Lt, Cpt, Maj, Lt. Col. - See the Recruit Handbook for info on how to bind a key to salute.

  3. Read our Wiki Page on TeamSpeak Professionalism to see what kind of behavior we are expecting from you during your stay on our TS server.

  4. By enlisting with us you accept our Exclusivity Policy that states you will not participate in any other groups that play the following games: Arma 3/Arma 2/Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm/Rising Storm 2: Vietnam/Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour/Day of Defeat/Day of Defeat:Source/Squad.

  5. Reply to this enlistment thread stating simply ‘Checking In’.

    This will let us know you are aware of your schedule so that we can put you on the training roster.

Enlistment Liaisons
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following members, as they are here for you:
PFC Lungu Steam I Send a private message
PFC Kurnshaw Steam I Send a private message

Medical Technicians

Please contact one of these technicians if you have any game troubles ASAP when your Enlistment Liaison is unavailable.
Cpl. van Gastel: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message
PFC Wells:Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Please keep active on our server and forums, and good luck in basic.

29th Infantry Division
Lighthouse Corps
Enlistment Clerk