Enlistment - Rec. Legros

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went straight to the writing section, pressed enter to go to the next line not realizing this would submit the page. My bad, there are a few changes I need to include. for time, I’m free any day except for Tuesday from 12:30 to 15:30 and I could do after 5, again any day except for Tuesday, all this is pacific time, and attendance to Sunday drills will be rare due to me working the whole day Sunday. For the recruitment, I’ve been planning to rejoin as soon as I got a new computer and my schedule set in stone for the quarter, but it’s been nice to hear from people I previously played asking me when I would come back, definitely added to the excitement. I totally understand if it’s not possible, but if I have the option, I would love to join my old squad, which is an apparently now DP2S1. Again, I’m sorry for the mistake on the enlistment submission.

Thank you for reenlisting. You comment has been copied to comment section of your enlistment.

Pending HQ Approval

you have been placed in DP2S1, welcome back PFC.