Enlistment - Rec. Machine

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Hey Recruit,
Two things I want to address before we continue with your enlistment.

  1. Can you please explain the [1-505th] associated with yur account.
  2. The last name “Machine” is a bit unrealistic unless of course you can prove it is your real last name. If not then can you please reply with an alternative realistic last name that we may change it with.
  • 1-505th was a Squad clan I joined (join date likely matches up with the dates on the tag history) and then proceeded to never actually play with due to a mismatch of priorities.

  • “Machine” is the anglicisation of “Machen”, and it’s a common pseudonym I use on the internet for privacy interests related to my professional status and/or authorship & publications, but it’s an easy and minor change to make(it’s not like I’m going to pick fake names as a hill to die on).

Pending HQ Approval.


Approved for BCT. @intensesteak85 @RubiconRolo @Steinbeck

T/5 Grissom
Senior Enlistment Clerk

Recruit Machen,

With the approval, we can assign you to our next PST Training Platoon which would begin 30 October at 9PM EST. Alternatively, we can assign you to our next EST Training Platoon which would begin 23 October at 7PM EST. Please respond here with your preference so we can continue processing your enlistment.

Oct 23rd




Thank you for enlisting with the 29th Infantry Division. Your application has been accepted and the next step in becoming a member is to complete Basic Combat Training.

Your Basic Combat Training (BCT) Schedule:


29th Infantry Division [BCT Server] (




Sunday, October 23rd, to Thursday, October 27th, each night at 7pm EST

While we understand if you have to miss a training session, your attendance is a significant factor in graduating BCT.

If you do not understand time zones well, here is a link to a time zone converter, the link already has a preset EST and GMT time zone depending on what link you’ll click. To find the time difference click, ‘Add another city or time zone’ and type in a city near you that shares your time zone and add it. For example if I picked Los Angeles, which is a city on the west coast of America, I can see something scheduled at 7pm EST happening at 4pm PDT.

This is the EST link , this is the GMT link

Your Enlistment Liaison will invite you to the Steam Group of the TP to receive reminders before your training starts.

Before you do anything, read the Recruit Handbook to learn what you will need to know to pass BCT. It also contains the basic 29th rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and a guide on how to set your in-game name properly.

You may change your in-game name to Pvt. Machen [29th 1797]

Please note the following rules:

  1. As a recruit, you will train with the Rifleman Class only.

You are to use the Rifleman Class only on our servers, at all times.

After you pass BCT you will have the opportunity to train with other weapons.

  1. Salute officers and warrant officers when they enter/leave our server.

*Salute* ranks WO1-5, 2Lt, 1Lt, Cpt, Maj, Lt. Col. - See the Recruit Handbook for info on how to bind a key to salute.

  1. Read our Wiki Page on TeamSpeak Professionalism to see what kind of behavior we are expecting from you during your stay on our TS server.

  2. By enlisting with us you accept our Exclusivity Policy that states you will not participate in any other groups that play the following games: Arma 3/Arma 2/Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm/Rising Storm 2: Vietnam/Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour/Day of Defeat/Day of Defeat: Source/Squad.

  3. Reply to this enlistment thread stating simply ‘Checking In’.

This will let us know you are aware of your schedule so that we can put you on the training roster.

Enlistment Liaisons

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following members, as they are here for you:

Eastern Standard Time Contacts

Cpl. Forest: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Stamper: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Pacific Standard Time Contacts

PFC Dawn: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Finan: Steam Profile| Send a Private Message

Greenwich Mean Time Contacts

PFC Lapp: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Turki: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Pritchard: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Medical Technicians

Please contact one of our assigned Medical Technicians if you have any technical problems.

T/5 Grissom: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Cpl. Hapers: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Please keep active on our server and forums, and good luck in basic combat training.


PFC Roland

29th Infantry Division
Lighthouse Corps
Enlistment Clerk

Checking in

The group invite and the message associated with it seems to have disappeared from Steam. Can I get an EL to resend please.

Also I just started using Teamspeak this week, so my account lacks the necessary Identity Security Level to access the 29th server.


@MediocreClient For your TeamSpeak3 issue, when you join and get the security issue pop up. Click “start” or “update” (I forget exactly what it’s called), once that happens you’ll be good to join the TS server.


Update your steam client
cant send you a group chat invite untill you update

Can’t find any updates, but I’ve tried clearing the various download caches and restarting a few times. Hopefully it rectified. Knowing me, I broke something somewhere.