Enlistment - Rec. Mayfield

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Before I can continue processing your enlistment.
Please remove the comments on your Steam profile from

3 Feb, 2018
23 May, 2017

We ask for a little bit of professionalism on public profiles.
Please let me know once this is done and I can move you into the next step.


We’d like to confirm your choice of timezone to make sure you’ve chosen the one that suits you best.

As of now you’ve chosen EST which is generally most fitting if you live in the US in general, but if you reside in Europe then GMT timezone would most likely be more fitting.

Our regular events for EST is at 8 pm EST (01:00 in GMT)
Our regular events for GMT is at 20:00 GMT (3 pm in EST)

Im online a bit here and there so i can do all 3 timezones doesnt make difference for me

But sure let’s say 20:00 gmt

Please provide an explanation of the reason for the Game Ban associated with your Steam account. Once we have this information we will be able to continue processing your enlistment.

Cs go, think it was toxicity like 6 years ago

Pending HQ Approval

Any updates?

Approved for BCT.
@intensesteak85 @LosBandito @Osaka




Thank you for enlisting with the 29th Infantry Division. Your application has been accepted and the next step in becoming a member is to complete Basic Combat Training.

Your Basic Combat Training (BCT) Schedule:


29th Infantry Division [BCT Server] (




Sunday, October 22nd, to Thursday, October 26th, each night at 2pm EST

While we understand if you have to miss a training session, your attendance is a significant factor in graduating BCT.

If you do not understand time zones well, here is a link to a time zone converter, the link already has a preset EST and GMT time zone depending on what link you’ll click. To find the time difference click, ‘Add another city or time zone’ and type in a city near you that shares your time zone and add it. For example if I picked Los Angeles, which is a city on the west coast of America, I can see something scheduled at 7pm EST happening at 4pm PDT.

This is the EST link , this is the GMT link

Your Enlistment Liaison will invite you to the Steam Group of the TP to receive reminders before your training starts.

Before you do anything, read the Recruit Handbook to learn what you will need to know to pass BCT. It also contains the basic 29th rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and a guide on how to set your in-game name properly.

You may change your in-game name to Pvt. Mayfield [29th 1975]

By enlisting with us you accept our Exclusivity Policy that states you will not participate in any other groups that play the following games: Arma 3/Arma 2/Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm/Rising Storm 2: Vietnam/Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour/Day of Defeat/Day of Defeat: Source/Squad.

Reply to this enlistment thread stating simply ‘Checking In’.

This will let us know you are aware of your schedule so that we can put you on the training roster.

Your assigned Enlistment Liaison is @emyrpritch PFC Pritchard. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to them via their steam or forums profile linked below.

Enlistment Liaisons

Greenwich Mean Time Contacts

Cpl. Lapp: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Turki: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

PFC Pritchard: Steam Profile | Send a Private Message

Please keep active on our server and forums, and good luck in basic combat training.


PFC Osaka

29th Infantry Division
Lighthouse Corps
Enlistment Clerk