Enlistment - Rec. Pierce

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Hey Recruit,
You express interest in both the Squad and Arma 3 unit, however you will only be able to pick one as your primary game. You will still be able to guest the other game, but you can only be assigned to a squad in one.
Please respond to wether you would like Arma 3 or Squad as your primary game.
Thank You

i’ll choose squad

Recruit Pierce,

Having selected Squad we have some follow up questions.

  1. What are the “2B-502” tags in your Steam aliases associated with?
  2. We saw you selected EST as your preferred Basic Combat Training Training Platoon time. While we can assign you to this Training Platoon, it does not begin until 18 December at 7PM EST. Alternatively, we can assign you to our next PST Training Platoon which would begin 11 December at 9PM EST. Which would be your preference?

Please respond here so we can continue processing your enlistment.

Withdrawn due to inactivity…