Enlistment - Rec. Romeo

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Recruit Romeo,

Could you please explain the circumstances surrounding the VAC ban associated with your account?

My account had been stolen and the person who had stolen it used some form of hack on rust

Pending Headquarters Approval

is hq sleeping? :zzz:

No, it’s just when people put sarcastic comments like that on their thread they aren’t really a priority to process. You have now been approved for BCT.

Recruit Romeo, you selected the PST time zone. Would you rather wait until next Sunday (21 Aug) for the next PST BST or be placed into the EST BCT starting tomorrow? Sessions would be at 7pm EST for 5 days lasting one hour a session.

@RubiconRolo @intensesteak85 @Fairchild Approved for BCT once the BCT time has been addressed.



T/5 Grissom
Senior Enlistment Clerk

it was not sarcasm i was being for real you guys take to long and I’m over it now thanks. PS that thanks was sarcasm

Oh, ok.

Denied - non 29th material.