Enlistment - Rec. Town

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Hello Rec. Town.
You chose GMT as preffered time, wchich means European time. However you select Australia as your country. I want to make sure that was intended.

That was a mistake, I intended to say AEST. Australian Eastern standard time.

Unfortunalety we don’t have any company located in your timezone. We have three avaible possibilities: 7pm EST (Midnight GMT), 6pm PST (2am GMT) and 2pm EST (7pm GMT). If i’m correct for you it should be (with the same order) 9am, 10am and 4am. If any of these times are acceptable for you (and if all are not) please comment it below.

I’m going to have to come back to you in December, November is going to be a very busy month for me.

All right. There’s still remaining question about timezones, wchich one fits you the most?

  1. pm EST (Midnight GMT)
  2. 6am PST (2am GMT)
  3. 2pm EST (7pm GMT)

If you give me such information and date from which you’ll be avaible, i can hold your enlsitment till that date.

Withdrawn due to inactivity. Post here if/when you’re available in December and we’ll reactivate the enlistment.