Five Years and Six Months of Service (Alexei Duran)

SSgt. Meerts said:

At this point, it’s near impossible to imagine DP1 without Cpl. Duran present, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Few people have impressed me as much as Cpl. Duran has, and practically no one has managed to do so on and off the battlefield, in and outside of leadership. For one, apparently no one told Cpl. Duran that he could relax on his submachine gun skills once he joined leadership, because he has never wavered in being one of the best lights this unit has to offer. And on another note, his ability to keep his guys motivated and entertained has given him the kind of meme creating abilities that seem beyond mere mortals at times. All of this, we recognize today with a well deserved 11th Army of Occupation Medal. Congratulations, Cpl. Duran, and I hope to see you with us for at least as long as you’ve already been here!

Congratulations Cpl. Duran, good to have you in DP1!

Congratulations Cpl. Duran!