Five Years and Six Months of Service (Charles H. Gerhardt)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

I love PFC Gerhardt, he’s been a consistent force of EP2S3 for some time now and he’s only been getting better. For the past couple months or so he’s really seemed to hit his stride getting huge amounts of kills back to back when guesting. He’s also just super fun to play with and have in the squad, and I truly do hope he leaves this unit after me because I just cannot imagine an EP2S3 without him. Really we are all very grateful for Gerhardt for everything he does and although he isn’t as talkative as some others whenever he does talk people listen and sometimes he gets quite the laugh out of us. PFC Gerhardt I always love playing with you and you’re an absolutely dominate force in game, nice job on your 11th AoCC stick around for at least a couple more for us.

Congrats, one of the OG Easy boys.