Five Years and Six Months of Service (James K Leliveld)

PFC MacNevin said:

Sgt. Leliveld, a venerable Squad Leader and overall goofball who has been leading the charge in S3 for before a lot of people have even been in the unit. From wacky platoon drill antics that somehow end up with a victory, to serious tactical skill and prowess displayed in a nonchalant ways, our dear Sergeant never fails to instill a sense of pride for being in EP2S3. Ever since I have slotted into the position of ASL, Sgt. Leliveld has done his best to counsel me on effective leading and mold me into a decent ASL. For this, and all the good times, I speak for the squad when I say congratulations on your 11th AoCC, Sergeant. I hope to see you make the 12th!

Congratulations on time well served, old dog.