Five Years and Six Months of Service (Robert H. Sanzotera)

Cpl. Wallison said:

Enough good things can never be said about PFC Sanz. A charming guy who can captivate the hearts and minds of the entire squad. Inside RS2 he is a superb objective defender, listens to the plans, and works seamlessly with the squad. In TS chilling with the guys, Sanz communicates well with everyone. Always telling a great story or telling a well timed joke. He asks the questions that help the whole squad understand what recent happenings have gone on in the 29th, on top of important in-game questions. When we finally get a new private in the unit, Sanz will be the first S1 member to try and assist with any questions the greenhorns have. Your helpful and cheerful nature are what we love best about you, Sanz. Fighting the good fight. We look forward to many more years of good times. Congratulations on your 11th AOCC, PFC Sanzotera.


Quite a length PFC! Congratulations you old dog