Five Years of Service (Calvin E. Reimer)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

PFC Reimer is a man after my own heart. There are many ways that I wish that I could be a little more like him. The zeal in which he can devote himself to whatever he sets his mind to is astounding. He is one of the most honest, real people I know when asked his legitimate opinion on a topic. Other times he is the goofball of the squad happy to make everyone laugh. I would say that most of my admiration for Harambe’s youngest son comes from his inquisitive nature. Never one to take things at face value he is hellbent on knowing the how and why of everything he does. This has led to him being an expert at his craft whether it be flying helicopters or making groundbreaking advancements in RS2 as a part of Engineering Corps. All that said, we’re happy to celebrate his 5 years of dedication to the unit and 10th AOCC! Congrats brother, NEVER FORGET!