Five Years of Service (Connor E. Lord)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

WO1 Lord has been in the 29th for a very long time, five years to be exact. And during his time he has distinguished himself on numerous occasions. Being the squad leader of DP3S1, cultivating the squad and its subsequent leadership to what it is today. Being the squad leader of DP3S2, helping maintain and recover a squad who was once at very low numbers. Finally, he has lead DP3 as platoon HQ after 2Lt. Bren’s retired for almost 2 whole years solo. We are thankful for everything that WO1 Lord has done and contributed to making DP3, not only the highest platoon in terms of percentage attendance in the entire regiment. But also, making DP3 a highly enjoyable experience, strengthening community which is a tenant of how the 29th has been able to thrive far longer than other communities. Congrats on your 10th AOCC and your 5 years of service! As always “Stick Around ” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.