Five Years of Service (Dmytro Ental)

PFC Suárez said:

PFC Ental is a man that is known here in Dog Co. for many things. To start, he’s the killing machine of S1, wherever he goes he is able to massacre everyone he faces. He is a man that has tasted nearly every AIT that we can provide and to be fair, he isn’t just good with any of them, he is the master. Quoting the famous phrase of “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one” I recommend to forget about it because I’ve never met a man so capable with anything thrown at him. PFC Ental is also known of being an “Old Dog” and indeed he is one of them. PFC Ental may be an old dog but he is a clever one nonetheless. Simultaneously being an old timer, he also is in great shape compared to any of the younglings around him. PFC Ental, congratulations on that 5 years of continuous service, hope you have a great time with us and continue achieving records. Maybe it’s about time to start smashing them!!

the Multi Tool!

Congratulations PFC Ental!