Four Years and Six Months of Service (Alexei Duran)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Cpl. Duran As an OG Dog Company Member, Cpl. Duran has been a member of the Platoon who has stood the test of time, scrims, DBOTS campaigns, hundreds of Drills and yet he continues to remain as sharp as razor, he has never fallen in to stagnation or complacency, his astounding ability to outflank and surprise his opponents on the field, doing so whilst calmly leading his squad is something that never fails to impress me and other members of the Platoon. We are glad to have him, he’s been here a long time, so please wish Cpl. Duran well, congratulations on the award of your 9th AOCC!

4,5 years? I just can’t imagine DP1 without you. Good to have you with us!

Congratulations Cpl. Duran!