Four Years and Six Months of Service (Dan Murray)

Cpl. Capwell said:

Six more months in the 29th for T/5 Murray. So what’s he been up to since we wrote him his double rainbow? Well, for starters, he celebrated his other double rainbow. Correct, T/5 Murray has been our platoon clerk in DP3 for more than four years now. And has by all regards done a fantastic job of it for the entire time. And speaking of fantastic jobs, I really must comment on his skills with an SMG. Murray is one of those members that cannot simply be measured on his kill count alone, as impressive as it sometimes may be. No, if this were a total war game, Murray would be a veteran unit with the morale boost aura around him. Not just because he’s a lovable goober, but because his experience is infectious. Any time DP3S1 is pushing into an objective Murray can be heard coordinating with our other forward players, marking targets and calling in CE and MG fire before I even have to say anything. Combine all this with his usual exemplary attendance at 94% over the course of his long tenure with us, and his aforementioned goober-ness that makes him a hit at game nights. And you have yourself what I consider to be the formula for a pillar that you can build squads, and even platoons off of. So while your 9th AOCC may seem boring after entering the double rainbow club. There is never a dull six months in our squad with you around Murray, so here’s to many more! Congratulations on your 9th AOCC and 4.5 Years in the 29th T/5 Murray!