Four Years and Six Months of Service (Daniel J. McMeen)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

Throughout my tenure in Harambe’s wooded wonderland, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know PFC D. McMeen quite well. Not only is he an Outstanding Submachine-Gunner, but he is also the kind of guy who will break silences after a rough loss and keep spirits high. When Squad HQ has become a little too mission-focused and we need to be reminded to enjoy playing the game as well, he’s there to remind us. That is not to say in any means that should the moment arise the PFC would ever risk being found to be unserious. I’ve seen the man screw his head on and clutch plenty of rounds through what seems to be an unholy concoction of luck and sheer willpower. That sorta thing just comes to some guys after they’ve been around for that long. Here’s to one more AOCC until Old-Timer territory. Congrats on your ninth big guy! Never Forget!