Four Years and Six Months of Service (Gerald Mendoza)

TSgt. Crane said:

Cpl. Mendoza, for all his wonderful qualities, has one sterling note upon him that frankly deserves the lowest amount of dignity. That is, of course, his time in service. As he has officially passed his four years in service half a year ago, I cannot offer him the glorious double rainbow, or even a GCM for his work. He sits on his Four Years and Six Months and, for how unceremonious that particular number is, I have to say I have appreciated every minute of it. Having stepped into CE work, then into Leadership, I can only say he has shined in this time. So for you, Corporal Mendoza, I can only say keep coming back for more of these awards, because I’d rather write quotes for the small, dreary ones then not have to write them at all to keep you here.

Congratulations, Cpl. Mendoza!

Congratulations on time well served, Cpl. Mendoza.