Four Years and Six Months of Service (Kah Knife)

Sgt. Tilley said:

Cpl. Knife, although new to our squad, is a name almost everyone in the platoon with recognize. Previously serving as ASL for S4, Cpl. Knife decided those boys were too tame for his liking and came over to the wild house that is S2. All jokes aside, Cpl, Knife’s impact on S4 has been nothing short of immense, and I’m sure the same will be said for our squad. Cpl. Knife also is the man to talk to if you’re interested in anything that flies, as he considers himself amongst the most prideful of helicopter connoisseurs. When he isn’t covering my butt and leading the squad on the ground, he can surely be found flying overhead ready to lay down some lead. All of this of course cannot be accomplished without a tenure like his, so tonight we are celebrating Cpl. Knife’s 9th AOCC, marking 4 years and 6 months of service. Congrats Corporal!

Congrats Cpl.!