Four Years and Six Months of Service (Kirk B. Tan)

2Lt. Stray said:

Cpl. Tan has been with the 29th for a long time, 4 and a half years in fact. Due to his long tenure in the unit, I have had the task of writing many of his Army of Occupation Medals and while that is a privilege, it can be tricky. So I took a statistical journey through Cpl. Tan’s time with us, for he has had the opportunity to attend 673 drills and attended 537 of those. 155 of those attended drills were non-mandatory in the form of company drills. Platoon drills came in as his favourite with 193 attended. Squad drills narrowly missed out on the top spot with 189 attended. These are big boy numbers and it attests to Cpl. Tan’s veteran status with us, for which I am happy to award him his 9th Army of Occupation medal. Congratulations!


Congratulations on your 9th AoCC, Corporal!

Congratulations Corporal!
Good to have you with us!

Almost double digits Cpl. congratulations!