Four Years and Six Months of Service (Thomas Lorne)

Cpl. Jonker said:

PFC Lorne was there when I first joined the 29th. He was already one of EP1S3s core members back then. A competent CE, he was one of the guys that showed me the ropes when I was a humble Pvt. It therefore was a sad day for EP1S3 when he left for the army. No amount of convincing would persuade him that being a PFC in the 29th was a way more prestigious affair than becoming a Pvt. in southern Finland. Alas, his mind was set on the matter. His departure left a void in EP1S3 and a heartbroken Sgt. van Dongen behind. When news of his return (and lack of tank kills in the ““real”” army) reached our ears Cpl. Devseli and I were happy. I am glad you’ve returned and I am glad that you’ve gotten your 9th AOCC. Congratulations PFC Lorne!


Congrats on the milestone, PFC Lorne!