Four Years of Service (Alex W. Zylath)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

For a long while in DP3, Sgt. Zylath has been considered a role model for prospective leadership to aspire towards. The current state of his squad is, undoubtedly, due to his kindly supervision and tenure as their squad leader. Urging them, pushing them, and striving for nothing short of excellence has lead to DP3S1 to exhibit the hallmarks of a well led and disciplined squad. Sgt. Zylath’s impact on the platoon can be felt in variety of ways, such as the SLT candidates who originated from his squad, and his squad member’s contributions to the unit through staff office or guesting. Today, we are recognizing Sgt. Zylath’s long tenureship to the unit, with his 8th AOCC and 2nd WW1VM! Earning him the distinct prestige of having a double rainbow on his jacket, congratulations and as always “Stick Around ” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.

Congrats Sarge!