Four Years of Service (Jake Lee)

Cpl. Winston said:

There are few members of the 29th who can say that they have remained as consistently dedicated to their squad as Sgt. J. Lee has been over the years. One only needs to speak to members of DP2S1 to understand how essential Sgt. Lee has been as its squad leader. In every drill, Sgt. J. Lee has not only functioned as the leader of the squad, but also as one of the most skilled riflemen in the unit as a whole as well as someone who constantly monitors his squadmates to offer them pieces of advice to improve their gameplay. Furthermore, his conduct outside of drills is excellent in that Sgt. Lee both heavily interacts with other 29thers as well as his own squadmates, meaning that he not only greatly contributes to squad culture, but also DP2S1’s relationships with other squads and platoons. Therefore, congrats Sgt. Lee for four whole years in the unit. I’m proud to not only call you my squad leader, but also my friend, and I hope to write even more AOCCs in the future!


cool guy ig

The esteemed double rainbow! Happy to have you with us Sgt. - in LH and beyond!

Congratulations Sergeant.

Congrats Sgt. on 4 years!

Ew you’re old