Four Years of Service (Jake S. Sigal)

Cpl. Burlock said:

One of my favourite New Yorkers, PFC Sigal has been every where and anywhere. Starting in the unit in late 2018, Sigal quickly rose up the accolades and went into SLT where he was assigned to EP4S3 as a Corporal. After a 2 year stint as a ASL, Sigal stepped aside and later would join FP1 where he shared his wealth of knowledge with the newly created platoon. Sigal then joined EP2S2 in February 2023 when I joined and quickly cemented himself as a solid player in the squad. Since then, he has show us his GL skills, his great communication and his ability to pick up the lead of the squad when I or Cpl. Sabith fall in the field. We appreciate everything this PFC has done in this squad to make it have a solid and inviting culture. Happy 4 years of service PFC Sigal.