Four Years of Service (James A. Griffin)

Sgt. Meerts said:

If all of DP1 is to be represented by one man, I’m proud that it’d be 2Lt. Griffin. He came to us with a wealth of expertise, only to use it as a stepping stone for a blossoming career in the 29th. He then took his excellent qualities and has not rested in instilling those into every member of DP1, ensuring we all have a platoon and moreover, a community, that we can call ourselves proud to be a part of. As someone who has fond memories of both SL and Platoon Leader 2Lt. Griffin, I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I look back on just how much I was molded by this man’s leadership, both as a 29th member and as a human being. Most importantly though, he has been a solid contributor to the great DP1 meme culture, being able to roll with the jokes expertly. Which is easier said than done when it involves an APC falling on your head! It takes a lengthy career to achieve so much, and so it’s no surprise that we are seeing him awarded his 8th AOCC, and 2nd WW1 Victory Medal! To our favorite of all the DP1 Officers, congratulations! Enjoy being part of the double rainbow club!

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Congratulations 2Lt. Griffin, I hope I can ask for your Expertise for another 4 years!

Congratulations 2Lt.!

Congratulations 2Lt.