Four Years of Service (Jessica Jess)

Sgt. Argerham said:

I have not known Jess for a long time but I have known of her, I dare say there is not a member of FP2 and beyond who has heard hushed whispers of her rifle prowess around the campfire. Naturally, any squad leader would be thrilled to have Jess as a member of their squad, and I am no exception. Jess brings more to the table than just her rifle skills however, she brings a fantastic attitude that is always encouraging her teammates and socializing with her new squad mates in the chat. With the way Jess has integrated, you’d have thought she’d been a part of our squad for the past few years. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the squad and my pleasure to award you your 8th! AoCC, and your 2nd WW1 victory medal. Congratulations T/5 Jess!

Congrats Jess so glad to have played with you and help to bring me into this great community “four more years”

Congratulations, T/5 Jess!

An absolute LEGEND. Congratulations T/5 and please don’t kill me.

Congratulations, T/5 Jess! Sorry about that time i shot at you with a burst from my AR.

Conversations T/5!