Four Years Of Service (Jordan Greene)

Cpl. Perkins said:

4 full years in the unit. I think Cpl. Gunn said it best when he said Sgt. Greene has now become offical Boomer status in the unit. In his 4th year, the good Sgt. has seen himself take over S1, a squad that has had legacy status in the 29th, but in poor shape with some big names retiring or being transfered out, and forge the squad into the weapon we are now. Sgt. has stressed to the squad the points of communication, spacing and listening to orders and after enough times saying it the squad is finally starting to realize that what the Sgt says is very good advice and they should probably start following along. Now that the squad has plugged the holes in our deficencies, and filled our roster out with the AITs we needed, I can’t wait for what sage wisdom the old man has to bring our squad ahead of the rest. Glad to be your ASL Sgt. Greene, look forward to working with you for a few more years to come!


Congratulations on four years Sergeant.

Congrats, Sgt.!