Four Years of Service (Karel Mrzena)

Cpl. Van Gastel said:

Once again we have a well-known and respected person in front of us. This time however it’s the second person in the well-known crewman duo from squad 2. During this time served with us, PFC Mrzena has gained variable if not way too many staff jobs, helping out the unit to the best of his capabilities. He also recently started SLT and is working on getting himself familiarized with the basics of leading and I hope he’ll soon be improving his skills and start working on progressing through his SLT lessons. But for now, we have to stand still in the present and oh boy, it looks like PFC Mrzena is coming up on yet another AOCC. 4 years a dedicated member in the unit and now you have 2 WW1 victory medals! Congratulations on your four years of service, PFC Mrzena!

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Nice! That is a lot of years.

Congratulations PFC!
Great to have you with us for this long!

Double rainbow! Congratulations PFC!

Congratulations PFC!