Four Years of Service (Luke M. Scovel)

Sgt. Zylath said:

What a wild ride the last four years have been. Four years is a long time to be in the 29th, T/5 Scovel, earning you access to the illustrious double rainbow club. However, in talking about time in the unit, we might sometimes lose focus on the things that happen outside the unit but very much affect our experience in it. For me, I think about growth. You can measure four years of growth in the 29th by checking on what kind of Arms Qualification marks a member has earned, having a peek into their notes, assessing their attendance and deployment history. But these things are the results of growth, not indicators of it. For me, having been here with Scovel for all four of those years, I can attest to the kind of growth he has undergone not just as a 29ther, but as a person. Scovel joined us young, brash, and driven to be the best. He had his ups, and he had his downs. However, looking back at the past four years, I’m impressed with just how much he has changed, as a person, for the better. I can wax on forever about Scovel’s 29th accomplishments; mutator work, attendance, gameplay, accolades, but none of that properly captures what a decent person he has become in his time with us. For that reason, I want this award and quote to stand as a testament to Scovel’s character, his genuine nature, and his limitless drive to do and achieve more. Congratulations Scovel, you’ve given us all a great four years to remember.