Four Years of Service (Matthew J. Brenholen)

1Lt. Ochs said:

2Lt. Bren is one of the fine butter bars that we have here in Dog Company. Well he recently hit a nice milestone in the unit that has landed him some awards. 2Lt. Bren has been with the 29th now for 4 years now and thus is being awarded his 8th AoCC and his 2nd WW1 Victory Medal. Congrats on everything you have achieved and all your hard work. Lets see what you can do in the next 4 years.

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Almost “Old”

Congratulations 2Lt.! In 4 years, no doubt you impacted so many’s lives, including myself who would never know of the 29th without you! Awesome to see you reaching such a milestone!!

Congratulations on the milestone, sir!