Four Years of Service (Oskar G. Apperley)

Cpl. Dimitrov said:

PFC Apperley has been here ever since I arrived. A little over a year ago I came in as his SL and he has seen me go through my ups and downs, and so have I. It’s safe to say we’ve supported each other through some rough times and have always had each others backs. I’m glad to have him in my squad because he is the type of PFC you want in your squad. Congratulations on this big milestone PFC Apperley and we all hope to see you get more of those!m


nice (hope to see you arming distance more)

Congrats Apperley, here’s to many more!

One of the old guard within EP1 and an original in EP1S3. Hope to many more AOCC’s

A man who welcomed me both in the unit and in the squad. Glad to be in a squad with you Apperley, here’s to many more!

Congrats old friend!

Congratulations buddy.