Four Years of Service (Will A. Sablon)

Cpl. Pinto said:

I still remember the days when I was just a T5 going to FnF without any worries in the world, and how it was curious at first to me, to see a member of Dog Company attending the event. “He is probably just going to show up a couple of times, and never come back” I thought. But then, time and time again I would be proved wrong seeing that same guy reappearing at FnF every week… And finally… Who would have thought that I would have the honor of having that same guy becoming a cornerstone of my squad. I’m really proud to have you T/5 Sablon, and I really hope to continue seeing you show up every week for many years to come! Congrats on your 4 years of service and 2nd WWI Victory Medal!!


Congrats on the double rainbow my man!

I miss you

Nice 2nd rainbow Sablon! Looks good on ya