Fourteen Years and Six Months of Service (Jon C. Erb)

Cpl. Sowers said:

Let me just knock the dust off my notes here before we begin. ahem Today we honor the long lasting and remarkable service of T/4 Erb here in the 29th. Many stories can be told from the past 14 and a half years about T/4 Erb but lucky for us, he’s still here to continue making new ones with everyone here today. Now, most people would say a story can be altered over the course of time , with the truth often being lost in translation. However, there are few things that cannot be debated, the Sarge is a pinnacle of dedication and loyalty but also a force to be reckoned with. Whenever you need a battle buddy to have your back, T/4 Erb is always a perfect choice but when you see a rocket coming towards your face at mach jesus theres a good chance it came from the shoulders of T/4 Erb. Thank you T/4 Erb for your time and dedication and congratulations on fourteen years & six months of service for your 29th AOCC.

The absolute madman’s career itself can almost join the 29th

almost as old as me. o7 T/4

hell yeah

Man I forgot you had me beat. Solid hustle Sarge!