GOM4 for Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

(I have been gone from the unit for a while, so if GOM4 is already used, just ignore this post) GOM4 is a mod for Rising Storm 2 that adds a whole lot of new content including new weapons and factions. There are a few bugs as it is still in beta, but based on my testing it is still 95 percent playable, and is in a much better state than it was just a year ago. It would be interesting to try a few drills with it.

Mutator’s still being worked on by T/5 Scovel given the recent update to 29th Extras. I believe we have held off of GOM4 for different reasons. I believe we needed to get permission from the mod creator or something of that sort. Regardless, I agree that GOM4 may be worth revisiting.

GOM is rad and so are the changes T/5 Scovel is working on. I think there is room for both in our unit.