Hell Let Loose

will you be playing Hell Let Loose here at 29th?

Maybe some day, but at this current time, we have no immediate or long range plans that would have us move to Hell Let Loose.

We are currently active in Arma 3, Rising Storm 2, and Squad. If you have interest in any of those three games, I would strongly recommend applying to join the unit!

Do you play Post Scriptum Mod in Squad?

Post Scriptum is no longer a mod and has its own dev team and purchase price. Like Hell Let Loose, we do not have any immediate or long range plans to expand to Post Scriptum. However, Squad is a much more refined game with the same play style and mechanics, so if you enjoy Post Scriptum, you would likely enjoy Squad with us.

Do I have to redo BCT if I want to play the other games. I’m currently playing on RS2 but I have squad and arma3 so would it be possible for me to play those games interchangably

You can guest other games’ drills, but you will have your primary assignment in RS2. This can be better explained by your Enlistment Liaison or your BCT staff.

Ok thank you

We’ve been playing a lot in the DP2S2 channel. Come join us!