Honorable Discharge (Jay Zev)




This is to certify that

Jay Zev     PFC     DP2S2

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 22ND day of August 2021. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


ARPC-OPM-ODATE: 22ND August 2021


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Jay Zev
Jay Zev
Name (Type or Print)
Private, First Class Combat Engineer Dog Company, Second Platoon, Second Squad
Rank Position Platoon/Squad

Looking back on the year that I’ve spent with the unit, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve shared bonds of friendship and brotherhood that I will carry with me in the years to come. You men are some of the most friendly, courteous, and dependable that I’ve ever met and it’s been an honor working with you all.

Reason for leaving

Commander Signature
22ND August 2021

Goodbye Zev, you’ll be missed man, come back soon!

Hope you come back some day Zev!

You were the damn finest CE I have ever seen since the days of PFC Thompson, and a great friend as well. Sad to see you go but really glad that my time with S2 had you in it. Good luck out there and see you again some day!

You’re a great player, awesome CE and a very nice guy and I’ll definately miss playing with you weekly!
I still remember back in one of my very first drills, I think in Hue City, when you guys were practicing for a scrim and we had drills on that map for way too goddamn long, I saw you lobbing those rifle nades like a pro at pinpoint accuracy during the match and with my curiosity overcoming my shyness of having just arrived and being self aware of my voice and my english I had to ask how the hell did you do that, which you promptly and in a very friendly way told me “It’s ok, if you want I can show you after the drill”, after that we just spent like 10-15 mins or so after the drill showing me how you do it and practicing a bit, from that day forward you became one of my favorite people in the squad and someone I’d look up to. Hope we can have you back eventually!

Oh man, did not saw this coming, thank you so much for spending your time with us. I am sure you’ll be missed for a quite long time.
You don’t even have an idea of how happy I was the first time I got blown up by one of your thumper shots at Company Drills. You were an awesome member, great grenadier.
Be safe, and I hope you might be able to come back in the future, who knows!