I am a new member.

Hi, I am Wizzer and I fight battles in Squad.


  1. Create an account on our forums at 29th Infantry Division

  2. Verify email

  3. Fill out our enlistment form at Personnel

  4. Bookmark the page once you’ve posted it and check back in 24 hours to check for replies Here’s a small biography about the 29th Infantry Division: 29th Infantry Division - A realism unit What to expect + some basics 29th Infantry Division - A realism unit

When can we expect to meet in Basic Combat Training?

you will be notified via E-mail and forums + your enlistment liason is going to add you on Steam

I am still waiting on an email. I have not received any notifications from steam. I did recently watch your video on youtube PFC Aboalfa. Good stuff.

currently we are on a winter break. expect to recive an email / steam friend request in the week off 2 January

thank you :slight_smile:

Roger, thanks for clearing the air.